October 1st, 2o16 - another day at the Big E fair in Springfield, Massachusetts, this time with the Fujifilm XT-2 and the 35mm f1.4 lens.  We waited to the last weekend and the sky was cloudy and threatening all day. The lens, the original version of a 35mm that Fujifilm introduced with their x-series cameras is not weather resistant (WR) while the newer f2.0 is, but I'd rather have the extra f-stop. I carried a old shoulder bag which I've comfortably hauled with me to countless shows over the years in case it rained, But as a result, we were only there about 4 hours and left before George Thoroughgood played his 7:30 PM concert. We've seen a lot of great bands before at the Big E. like Bad Finger and Paul Revere and the Raiders. I would have liked to test the XT-2 as everyone who plays in the open air arena knows the un-ticketed audience will be snapping shots with their phones at least.