FALL 2016


Gouveia vineyards, Wallingford, Connecticut

Beautiful surroundings, especially on a still warm autumn day.
Shots taken with 55-200mm telephoto as well as a 35 mm F1.4


new york city, soho & china town

A few days after President Trump was elected, we found ourselves in Manhattan at the Trump Soho.


Feature 3

Coming soon.



My dad, Allen, instilled a love for photography in me. When he purchased a german SLR in 1973, he let me use and keep his Petri rangefinder. That camera, with no light meter and single fixed lens, is how I learned. My friend Idan taught me how to roll and develop my own film in the darkroom at Escola Graduada de Sao Paulo my senior year in Brazil. Years later, after flirting with a modern Nikon film SLR (which I hated) and various point and shoot digitals, until finally succumbing to the indignity of using my phone as a camera, I knew it was time for a real camera again. The following photographs were taken with a Fujifilm XT-2 and various lenses.


Narragansett, Rhode Island

Go for the weather, stay for the view


The Big E Fair, Springfield, Mass

October 1st, 2o16 - another day at the Big E fair in Springfield, Massachusetts, this time with the Fujifilm XT-2 and the 35mm f1.4 lens.  We waited to the last weekend and the sky was cloudy and threatening all day.  As a result, we were only there about 6 hours and left before George Thoroughgood played his 7:30 PM concert. Still,the Big E is always a great day.


West Hartford, Connecticut

Early October 2016, in West Hartford, Connecticut, the town with a Best Buy and a Whole Foods. What else do you need?  Plus, a few pictures with dear friends we saw that weekend as well.